Durable Stall Mats

We offer a wide range of high-quality, durable, and easy to clean 1 piece rubber stall mats and HDPE stall floor systems along with accessories for your barn. These stall mats will last for years and provide comfort by reducing leg and back problems and prolonging bedding. Forget the hassle and high cost of other stall mats. Invest in higher quality and order your durable stall mats that reduce time, strain, and money!

1tuff horse stall mat

Durable One Piece Stall Mats.

We offer a couple of different one piece options for equestrian barn flooring. All the products we sell are made in the USA.  The original Groundmaster Equine stall floor is a custom ordered one piece honeycomb grid flooring made of durable HDPE plastic. It is installed and compacted directly into the base material of the stall to allow drainage and will stop a horse from digging holes.  We also offer the 1TUFF stall mats by Groundmaster Products.  These are a one piece solid rubber mat option.  They are simply rolled out on top of the existing stall base.  They feature a proprietary co-extruded skid resistant rubber surface with a tough HDPE backing layer. 1TUFF mats are less than 1/4 inch thick and lightweight.  A 12×12 square foot mat only weighs 110 pounds.  The tough backing layer eliminates the tearing, crumbling and curling that is associated with the 3/4 inch crumb rubber mats being sold today.  1TUFF mats were engineered to be as durable as a crumb rubber mat that is 3 times thicker.  All of our stall mat products are designed to absorb shock without being soft and squishy like a traditional rubber mat while providing safety and comfort.  The thinner design provides a more natural footing for your horse as opposed to thicker rubber mats that tend to compress and spring back as well as shift and move under your horse’s feet. This movement underfoot causes a horse to be constantly on the muscle instead of in a relaxed state. 1TUFF stall mats and Groundmaster Equine stall flooring are ideal choices for stall floors, paddocks, alleys, and much more.


Made in the USA.


Lightweight Material.


Non Skid Surface.


Easy to Install.

1TUFF - The #1 Choice For Horse Stall Mats.

1Tuff Stall Mat
Rubber Textured Skid Resistant Surface
One piece construction lays out flat for any stall size
Durable co-extruded anti-tear HDPE backing water and urine proof